SONY DSCSuper proud of the progress on this carefully reproduced rendition of “Echinacea” by the amazing surrealist Esao Andrews.
Many have attempted to reproduce his remarkable color work in tattoo form.

I am lucky enough to have a client who has the patience and dedication to sit through the time and care that it takes to re-create them well.
Though she gave me the artistic license to vary it as necessary, I took the greater challenge of trying to reproduce it as best I could- A lot of excruciatingly careful attention to detail went into keeping this piece as close as possible to its original form.

I am beginning to specialize in interpreting and reproducing fine art pieces in tattoo form… and I like it.

I have been graced with several requests over the last few months for works by some of my favorite artists such as Esao Andrews, Audrey Kawasaki, Mimi Yoon, Sylvia Ji, as well as my own original art, in addition to creating custom pieces specifically for tattoos that has become the  Fine Art For Bodies modus operandi.

This is my third Esao Andrews piece, I am hoping for many more!
Bear with me as I update my website with content! It has been a long six months 🙂

I am looking forward to this next several months and what they may bring.