Aaaw! I came across this while I was updating my portfolio and could not help re- uploading this photo.

This is the kind of thing I love to show to people who say ” you cant” to tattoos that are too bright, to blended, or too detailed.

This is my freind Diane. She has always beeen huge supporter of Fine Art For Bodies.She got this tattoo at a *undisclosed location* waaaaay back in 2009, and this phot was the spring of 2013. Still looking brilliant and subtle and awesome.
The old sayings DO hold: Bold will hold, and simple is better.
But cleanliness and quality of craftsmanship, and TIME invested, and care taken will go a long way.
Make sure you rad your artists’ aftercare instructions and FOLLOW them. (Mine are at, but you follow YOUR artist’s instructions.)

Technology and technique in tattoos has evolved a million times* in the past 10 years, as has both the social acceptance of tattoos in general, and the aesthetic, the knowledge of, and acceptance of what a tattoo looks like long term, and how it is supposed to age. I have a strong theory that tattoos done since 2005 will last WAY longer and neater and cleaner than those done, healed, and abused with less evolved methods back in the 50’s. Heck that was back before they even “invented bacteria.” -Philadelphia Eddy, “Hori Smoku” Documentary. lol!!

But even if they don’t, I have confidence in the thought that, WE as grandparents are going to be twisted and gnarled, and faded, and weathered, and BEAUTIFUL. And so will our tattoos. <3