Fine Art For Bodies is currently hiring for the following positions!

Spokesmodels| Promo Models
Artist’s Assistant



This is your opportunity to become the face of Fine Art For Bodies.

Not just a tattooed model, this is the testing/proving ground for what is to be a prestigious team of renowned spokesmodels. Your name (or alias) and face will become synonymous with quality and progression in body art as you help to establish and market a key brand.

You will earn cash incentives, tips, discounts, tattoo credit, via an engaging performance-based compensation scale while taking advantage of fun and exciting opportunities such as conventions, gallery shows, promotional events, and art fairs.

Based on past experiences, future opportunities may include:
-Booking for TF and paid shoots with top photogs;
-Video, youtube, and film appearances,
-Bodypainting and Spokesmodel appearences at local events, travel opportunities,
-Partnership and cross training with major brands, performance groups and artists; and other networking and career expansion opportunities.

Former and current spokesmodels:
Khushi Dayal
Ci Marie
Alexis Jaqueline
Lydia Gunn

Please send headshots, portfolio pics, resume, and cover letter to hear more.


This is an entry level position with amazing opportunities to advance.

Have you ever considered owning a business, being a talent manger, running a gallery, meeting and networking with artists for work here is your chance to get a foot in the door and grow with us.
Here you will apply your work experience and business education in a MUCH cooler way, while learning the day to day requirements of both being a professional artist, and everything required to run a business, the old fashioned way.

If you excel at this part-time position, you will create the opportunity to pave your own way to become the shop and booking manager!

Duties will include:
-order taking
-local deliveries
-filing and receptionist
-intake, introductions, phones and email.
-booking and appointment scheduling,
-merchandise and creative services.

Compensation to include competitive base pay, performance based incentives, and creative opportunities for tips and commission.

This is a business oriented position, though there will be plenty of artistic inspiration and opportunities. We are NOT looking for an apprentice for this position.

Please send your resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to


An exciting opportunity to earn free tattoo time and merchandise, commission, and cash by spreading the word about Fine Art For Bodies to your friends and circle. (Which you’re already doing!! right?)
Please send your resume, cover letter, references, and headshots to

We are always taking applications for new apprentices.

If you are a good fit, you will become a key part of a growing team, and potentially one of the most important members: The Artist.

-Learn basic principals of tattooing, and advanced techniques of multiple styles, so you can make an informed decision on what to specialize in, or choose to remain a generalist.
-Establish a warm and welcoming bedside manner, professionalism as well as how to manage, teach, and market yourself as a tattooer and an artist.
-Learn the culture, the process, background, and philosophies of the Fine Art For Bodies Method.

Former Apprentices
-Morgan Gatekeeper
-Yai Eye Ai

This position is best fit for a candidate with:
– a backround in or familiarity with tattooing
– an art education.
– an active social network and social media profiles.
-ABSOLUTELY zero drugs, drinking problems, bullshit, or drama.

Please send resume, portfolio, website, and references to