I am pleased to announce, my first ever…
Please read below for complete terms.

The following promos are being offered:


I will be painting live, and hosting Open Q+ A Discussion, and Brainstorming!
MAYBE FOOD! (probably just cookies and fruit platters though. Mmmm cookies)

*Two hour minimum.

– 2hr Session $150
-3hr Session $225
-4hr Session $300
-5hr Session $375

There are literally no limits to how many sessions you can purchase, and they are good for ever. * So stack up!

$50 Minimum Tattoos!

“Like “normal shops”
I am actually kind of excited about this.  I have never gotten to do the Friday the 13th specials, I rarely get minimum tattoos, so I am looking forward to prepping some cool flash art and having some fun here.
*Minimum tattoos are subject to approval, and must be either a fully prepared, tattoo-ready design.
*They must be prepaid by close of business on Black Friday, and scheduled after December 1, 2015.
*Any requests not eligible as a $50 tattoo will be eligible under pertinent Black Friday promo rate.

 50% OFF ALL T.S. Art and Merchandise

*This applies to merchandise purchased in-shop only discounts offered priced as marked.  This quantities will be limited, BUT
*This MAY apply towards backorders! (i.e. if you want a print or shirt that I am out of, you can order it and we will get it to you when it arrives)


I have been advised that I need to include these bullet points… -_-
In addition to the above specific terms, the following general terms apply:
*Normal Terms apply: “Session Time” will include all, consulting, design, prep, and tattooing.
As always, this is based on the progressive principal that the more work you put into thinking out and preparing your request, the clearer and more complete it will be and more efficiently we will be able to complete it. The more work that you expect your artist to put into it, the more it will cost.
*No quotes will be given tattoos taking longer than one or two sessions.
*There will be NO REFUNDS of any sort or any kind.
*General Q + A only. Due to the expected volume,  I may very likely NOT be able to do any in depth consulting on specific projects.
*This does create some foreseable conflict in attempting to purchase enough credit to cover a given tattoo. Please keep in mind that the spirit of this promo is not to complete a given or set tattoo (or tattoos), but to provide people with the opportunity to purchase tattoo a time at a substantial discount.
*The best way to mitigate this is to call or come in BEFORE the black Friday special to ask questions, consult, etc.
*Unused credit will not be refunded, but will retain its value and may be transferred, gifted, or sold to another party. Any remaining unused credit will be updated to then current terms after Jan 1, 2017,
*As always, any pricing discussed during the promotional event,  are estimates ONLY based on rough ideas for the purchase of taking advantage of the days savings. No refunds or concessions will be given in the case of excess or short fall of promotional purchase to complete a requested tattoo.
*These terms are subject to change.
*Any questions please ask!


OKAY! Now that that’s all out of the way, we have the holiday-seasonal yule-tide charm of the thought behind it all…

In observation of the hallowed, age-old, and  time honored American tradition of taking a holiday theoretically celebrated with selfless gift-giving, and turning it into a consumerist free-for all riot where people get trampled and killed; by doubling the prices of their excess left-over inventory before dumping it on the public by marking it down 75% off as a means of competing to get everyone to splurge their holiday gift money on themseeeeelves… *gaaaasp* (Breathe, Tariq)
I am sending out a large, resounding F*CK THAT.
I am going to use it as an opportunity GIVE BACK by take the same GREAT rates I charge normally for the same great service I offer, and chop a big old piece off of them as away of saying thank you to the people that matter. (And their friends and loved ones.)
In the spirit of ethics and fairness,
IF YOU ARE ALREADY SCHEDULED FOR DECEMBER, I will apply these rates to your deposit and award appropriate credit. If you JUST got tattooed, like in the past week or so and would have waited, hit me up as well.
However, also in that spirit, and reciprocally, please do not attempt to split hairs, haggle, barter, or be unreasonable. Bargain hunters go elsewhere, this is a thank you event, not a swap meet.
Just my way of giving back to you folks, because if you are reading this, you are awesome.
So please send it out to all your friends, relatives, colleagues, people you want to see tattooed, and people who you want to buy tattoos for you. lol  😉
FRICKING Love you people!! Woooh happy holidays!
*Now this is my first sale, and I’m kind of scared because I literally stand to shave a significant amount of capitol off my bottom line if I dont get a fair amount of unexpected new business, so uh… haha tell a freind. ;P