Happy Thanksgiving!
I would like to take a moment to remind you all of my Black Friday Tattoo Special tomorrow!
You can receive 40% off of tattoo services: that’s $50 OFF per hour! That brings rates down to $75 per hour- that’s like 1979 rates!!


For the remainder of the weekend, receive:
Small Business Saturday: 30% OFF All merchandise and services
Sunday and Cyber Monday: 25% OFF All merchandise and Services


The special is designed to reward you all for your loyalty, to kick-start new projects and to show my thanks and appreciation for an amazing year, and to catapult into the next! (Well it’s actually been a pretty rough year, but you guys made it bearable. Lol)
So if you’ve been wanting to get tattooed, haven’t had the funds to get started, have works in progress that are going slowly, or are saving , take advantage now to save a LOT of money.


The success of this promo, will determine whether I can continue to do it for future years, so spread the word!! (Please save the image and re-upload to share!)
And we will be using the funds funding some pretty serious large scale projects, including, social and community outreach, and some charity work shortly (please stay tuned, and subscribe to our blog, here!)

Remember, you can
* Call in: 480.330.7802 ( If I miss you, text to message!)
*Email your request to: fineartforbodies@gmail.com, or
*Message:  www.facebook.com/fineartforbodies for more info,

As long as I’ve got your request in by Friday, you’re good for the discount.
You’ve got till Friday! Let me hear from you!

Thank you so much! Happy Thanksgiving and happy close to your 2016!!