A rare personal post…
I have had the most bitter-sweet couple of days… had to shave a couple of people from my life. 
It’s been a frenzy of confrontation (I’ll, spare you the details of which lest I should become one of those people who uses fb as a soapbox for my personal drama… ) but the result of which is a much clearer mind and much clearer table. (There’s some seats open! Any takers?? lol) Sometimes you just gotta trim.

Excerpt from my journal…
“I have recently had to let go of several poisonous friendships…
Some have called themselves close or best friends, and we maintain many friendships in common, but it’s been years building. I am a patient and forgiving person by nature (sometimes too much so,) But my libra scales have been tipped- too many straws break even the strongest camel’s back, and I have, and am have been doing too much good in my life to keep allowing bad in it. 
Call it Karmic transcendence.

I wish them well in the hope that they learn to act more accountably… to others as well as themselves, and actually live by the principals they preach- or at least post on facebook. But fake, selective bhuddism and self serving use of dime-store philosophies pulled from coffee table books and the internet will only go so far. They may be well written, but all good philosophies are based on principals that are universal and haven’t changed in all of time.

Following your own moral compass is one thing, but the more important thing to do is to start to fine tune that compass to make sure it actually points in the right direction. Not stealing, lying, cheating… being responsible and accountable… and generally not being a jackass (pardon my shorthand) above all to those you would call friends are basic morals, most learn as children to.

I see no need to seek revenge or retribution for the wrongs done or debts owed me… it is not my duty to teach, by word or by rod. We are not the agents of karma- your own ill actions will result in your own ill consequences. Ultimately, aaah they’re just bullets to a battleship… lol. 

It is also not my responsibility to educate 25 and 30+ year old so-called men in basic morals. Those who are in my circle know that I will support and defend to the death. So those who would be in my circle must be someone worthy of defending.
Maybe they can re-enter my life at a later point when they have learned to be accountable, responsible, upstanding human beings. To be Men rather than boys, Women, rather than girls. 
But, and this may severe as a warning as well as a statement: May god help them should they cross me again before they do.

And so, I offer them blessings, forgiveness, and positive wish for growth and evolution… 
And with this, I dismiss.