Check out this awesome ad by Dermablend featuring tattooed model Rick Genest!

Prompted by a recent discussion on tattooing and modeling, I read up a little bit on the model, and was super happy to read of his story and success.
You can see more about him here, check out a quick interview here, and my little two cents on tattooing and modeling in my post entitled “tattooed modeling,” here.

A thousand years ago, before the beginning of time, when I came up with the philosophy of Fine Art For Bodies, it was about standing on the strong foundation of years of hard work, prejudice, preconception and counter culture tattooing as an industry has endured and bringing it to the public as a high-class fine art.

As I’ve learned over the years, I was never alone, and more and more artists are pushing with me. Genest is embodying it and bringing it to the mainstream.
I think it deserves a little recognition 🙂

Super appreciative of the folks of Dermablend for this video, both for the creative concept, for highlighting an awesome tattooed model, (with actually awesome tattoos, a double high-five!) and for helping bring a great coverup product to the market-
This helps to impact yet another reason that many would-be tattooees are unable or afraid to be tattooed due to career pressures.
Excellent marketing, folks.

Major props to Rick Genest for the awesome tattoos, and for making waves as a male model!